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Kashmiri Shawl paisley 1
Kashmiri Shawl paisley 1

Kashmiri Shawl paisley 1

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A beautiful 100% hand embroidered Kashmir almond paisley shawl, this classic is embroidered with boteh paisley design. The central pattern on the shawl is a large cruciform flower motif with four petals, each petal made up of many small paisley and flower motifs. There are two pairs of large stylish paisleys, each pair located at the two ends of the shawl. 
This 100% hand embroidered Kashmir wool shawl is created by a master craftsman from  of Kashmir Handmade. This is a classic Kashmir boteh (paisley) design, that has its roots in the Mogul period from the 16th century. The traditions of shawl making and embroidery has been passed down through generations to the artist.